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The professional team at Hoboken Demolition are available to take on any size of project – whether it's small, large or complicated we have the expertise to deliver a first rate job.

Experts in demolition processes.

With decades of experience in demolition, we are prepared for any challenge, having undertaken works from small domestic properties to large scale commercial and industrial buildings. Our aim is to provide our clients with the complete demolition package, managed by experienced leaders, using highly trained operatives and the latest plant and machinery throughout New York and Tri-State Area. Where necessary, we are able to offer a 24/7 service with access to a member of our qualified management team to direct operations.

Floor by Floor Demolition.

In certain circumstances the option to use long reach machines to demolish high rise structures is not feasible. When such doubt in methodology occurs, perhaps due to environmental considerations or adjoining buildings, the only sensible option is to employ a Top Down ‘Floor by Floor’ demolition technique.

Long Reach Demolition.

Hoboken Demolition strives to reduce the risk of demolition operatives working at height.  Wherever possible and if appropriate to do so, we recommend the use of our Ultra Long Reach and Long Reach Excavators as the most cost effective way to demolish a variety of structures.


Hoboken Demolition has in-depth knowledge of dealing with difficult and complex contaminated sites. Having its own environmental division has enabled the company to expand its remediation division and provide a holistic approach to complete site regeneration. We will undertake appraisals of site conditions, taking into account the site’s history, its existing use and information available from intrusive surveys.

Asbestos Removal & Disposal.

As a crucial part of the demolition process, asbestos removal is a specialist provision that must be carried out in a controlled manner by qualified professionals. The commercial removal of asbestos is heavily controlled and regulated.

Façade Retention.

When it comes to Facade Retention or Support Works, Hoboken Demolition can offer a complete package to the requests and requirements of the client or to the design of the clients engineers.

One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure.

We are constantly attempting to improve our waste recycling measures and as part of this, we aim to reclaim a high percentage of materials found on site. During our initial assessment of the project, we identify all the relevant materials that can be salvaged for reuse. If required by our clients, these are recycled and become part of their new construction project. In instances where the items are not compatible with the new design, we are able to transport these from site and are available for purchase by other clients and the general public.